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Owning a racehorse is the ultimate thrill. Imagine watching with pride and anticipation as your horse is paraded before the off, the exhilaration as it gallops down the home straight, and - just maybe - receiving the adulation and feeling the jubilation as it is led into the Winner’s Enclosure. 

Owning a racehorse is the aspiration of many and is no longer just the preserve of the rich and famous. But you can join their ranks and rub shoulders with them whether it is Ascot or Aintree, Windsor or Wolverhampton. Living the dream is not just about race day - there are four steps to becoming an owner and each one of them holds its own fascination and fun. Select your horse, pick a trainer, choose a name and colours, and then you’re all set for the ride of a lifetime. We take you through each step and highlight some owners’ experiences.

Aspiration, anticipation, participation, exhilaration, jubilation - owning your own horse will certainly set your heart racing.

Own a racehorse
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Heart racing!

4 steps to becoming an owner >
There are four easy steps to becoming a racehorse owner - find out what they are in our comprehensive guide.

Living The Dream >
It is not the sole preserve of the rich and famous, and you can join their ranks by becoming a racehorse owner.

The Ultimate Thrill >
From the moment you sweep into the owners’ car park, your first day at the races will be an emotional ride - and leave you hooked on the whole experience.